Posted by: pennysplayground | April 6, 2011

Stop and Smell The Flowers…

Ever since Penny was a puppy, she always liked to stop and smell the flowers on our daily walk.  I’ve seen dogs sniff the grass, sniff the ground where other dogs have done their “business”, but I haven’t seen too many dogs that like the sweet smell of flowers like Penny does.

Most times when the flowers are in bloom Penny takes great delight in stopping at each little bud and taking a deep whiff…so much so that I often worry that she will one day get stung on the nose by a bee.  I’ve even considered carrying Benadryl around with me just in case something like that ever happens on one of our walks.

Maybe I’m being a bit of a “nervous Nellie”…perhaps I should take a lesson from my little girl to worry less and once in a while just stop and smell the flowers more.


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  1. Penny is too adorable smelling the flowers!

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