Posted by: pennysplayground | October 26, 2010


Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time for all good little boy and ghoul doggies to get all dressed up and have some fun.  This is Penny’s first Halloween as a big girl so she is going to celebrate the occasion by wearing her favorite Minnie Mouse costume.

"I wanna be a Pirate...!"


Well, ok..maybe it’s not her favorite costume, but it is my wife’s favorite so I guess that’s close enough.  I have to admit she does look cute in it and she matches the red polka dot skirt rather nicely.

"Meh...I'd still rather be a pirate..."

We decided to go and do a trial run down at Ward Warehouse where Penny could walk around and get used to her costume a bit before the big night.  You wouldn’t think it, but there actually is a lot of preparation that goes into becoming “Minnie”.  First there’s the whole business of getting those trademark ears just right…


"That's better...!"

Penny is not much for wearing things on her head so I guess this year we’ll just have to be satisfied with going with her fluffy Bichon ears instead of the traditional Mouseketeer ones.  I have to say..they are a tad bit cuter anyway. 

"Trick or Treat...!"


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  1. She is so adorable in her costume!

    • Thanks…! This is her first time wearing a “costume” other than a dress so I think she did rather well. I like Gracie’s mailman costume…she’s a little cutie pie..! 😀

  2. Ahhhh, Penny Mouse! So cute! I love her polka dot skirt and matching ribbon.

    • Hi Takayo…thank you for your comment. We were deciding between Minnie Mouse and a kimono, but we thought we’d save the kimono for New Year’s Day instead. Halloween is a big deal here in Hawaii and the adults and doggies dress up in costumes almost as much as the little children. 🙂

  3. I love it!!! Penny looks soo cute! Last year I bought a mini mouse costume for my neice…. lol…

  4. Hi Sun…! Penny and your niece could have been twins in their Minnie Mouse costumes. Did Bella dress up for Halloween this year..?

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