Posted by: pennysplayground | September 25, 2010

Kaki Goori (かき氷)- Shaved Ice 

Here it is the end of September with just a scant 3 months until Christmas, you’d think it would be starting to cool down a bit, but it feels like it’s still Mid-July.  It is hot…hot…hot…!   If you think it’s bad for us humans…try bearing the heat while wearing a fur coat that you can’t ever take off and you’ll understand how Penny feels.

Even though she just went to the groomers yesterday and got her usual puppy cut, she is definitely feeling miserable this morning and understandably a little bit cranky because of the heat.  She’ll come to me with her tongue hanging out and make soft complaining noises.

All my efforts to alleviate her situation like turning the fan on high or moving to a cooler part of the house are to no avail.   The only relief that she wants is for Daddy to make the sun go away so that she can lie down and take a nice comfy nap.

Unfortunately, short of going outside and doing a rain dance, I haven’t discovered a sure-fire way to make the weather cool down on command so I figured I’d use an old trick that my grandmother used to do to help keep things cool for all of us kids when we were little.

“Kaki Goori” or Shaved Ice is a treat that is enjoyed all around the world in one form or another.  Here in Hawaii, we are known for the very finely ground shaved ice that virtually melts in your mouth.   You can add a variety of different syrupy flavors, ice cream, azuki beans, etc to create your very own tasty treat.

While the traditional shaved ice is very colorful and appealing, I decided to go “old school” and make my own version of Kaki Goori for Penny (plus truth be told, it is way too hot to be driving all the way to the shaved ice store just to get a plain shaved ice).

A quick trip to the ice container in my freezer was all it took…and voila…Penny’s Special Edition Shaved Ice…!

Ok..maybe it doesn’t look as pretty as the store bought type shaved ice, but she seemed to like it and appreciate all the effort I took in “making” her beat-the-heat treat.


"Ooooh....nice and cool...!"


"Oops...I forgot one...!"

I’m happy to announce that the shaved ice did the trick and my once miserable little girl is now nice and cool and taking a nap.  Hmmm…think I need a little Kaki Goori so I can cool off…a nap sure sounds good bout now.   

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  1. What a fun way to keep Penny cool. Gracie also loves chewing on ice. Or anything that she can fit into her mouth. 🙂

  2. Hi DP…! When Penny was younger she used to be afraid of any type of container that we would put the ice into and she would bark at it.

    Now that she’s older she’s outgrown that and will grab her ice out of any bowl without hesistation. 😀

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