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We all know that yogurt is a great digestive aid and a good addition to your daily diet.  In fact, my wife and I have been making our own yogurt for the past year and a half and eat it on a daily basis.

At first I was a little hesitant when my wife told me about this yogurt starter that her friend had purchased in Japan that you use to make your own yogurt, but after we made our first batch and I tasted it, I was hooked.

The yogurt is called Caspian Yogurt and can also be purchased online either from Japan or from distributors here in America.  What I like about it is that it is very easy to make, and easy on the wallet because once you get the starter culture going, all you need to buy is fresh whole milk and you’re in business.

It is all natural and doesn’t have any added preservatives, sugar, or artificial flavors.  I have never been a fan of plain yogurt but once I tasted the Caspian yogurt I can’t imagine going back to store bought flavored yogurt ever again.

My wife will eat her yogurt with fruits and granola, but I use it to make a healthy breakfast smoothie with  spirulina, protein powder,  banana, and strawberry.  Add in a couple of ice cubes, blend, and you’ve got a quick, instant energy “meal” that will get you through the morning.

We told our vet about it, and not only did she say it would be a good thing for Penny to eat a small bit of yogurt every day, but she also tried the yogurt for herself and is now as hooked on it as we are.  

Even Penny likes the taste of the Caspian yogurt and will come to the kitchen every morning for her special “treat”.

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  1. We feed Papu and Niila some lactose-free sour milk everyday. They absolutely love it, so we give it separately after dinner as a “dessert”. They’re so cute when they have sour milk on all over their snouts.

    In Finland people usually make “processed sour whole milk” (apparently Americans don’t have that same stuff because my dictionary only gave me this weird description…) by adding a small amount of store-bought “processed sour whole milk” to whole milk and then leaving it in a warm place for some time… This did make sense, right? 😀

    Love the spoon licking picture!

    • Hi Amoena…I love the new look of your blog…! I’ve never heard of sour whole milk and have never seen it in any of our local stores. I’ll have to google it to get more information. From your description it almost sounds like yogurt and the more I think about it, I bet it is the same. You have to post a picture of Papu and Niila with the sour milk on their noses. Too cute…! 😀

      • Sour whole milk is slightly thicker than regular yogurt… though I believe that Finnish yogurt is slightly less thick than American. I don’t know for sure though, I’ve never been to America or eaten American yogurt. And sour whole milk is usually also less sweet than yogurt. Milk products are weird 😛

        I try to take a sour milk snout picture when I feed them next time. Though I’m sure that next time they lick their bowls clean without messing themselves… they like to do just the opposite that what I predict they do.

  2. awww… everything you do with Penny reminds me of my Bella. I started giving her a half teaspoon of organic cottage cheese every day and she scarfs it up like Penny and the yogurt. 🙂 Have you ever fed eggs?

    • Hi Sun…thank you for the comment…! When Bella and Penny were younger I thought they looked a lot alike…they could’ve been twins. So whenever I see Bella, she always reminds me of Penny.

      We’ve never fed Penny any eggs, we try not to feed her too much “human food” except for the occasional carrot, piece of lettuce, and of course yogurt. I know it’s ok to feed dogs a varied diet, but we’ve worked hard training her from when she was a puppy not to beg for table scraps so we don’t want her to get used to the taste of foods other than what’s on her “approved” list of treats.

      She really is a good girl and won’t beg even if we’re eating something that smells really delicious for dinner. She’s the first dog I’ve ever had that had such good table manners…all of my others would either give you the big puppy dog eyes or be sly and steal stuff off of the plate when we weren’t looking. 😀

      Does Bella ever beg for table food…?

      • I agree. Penny and Bella look so similar. Maybe long lost You never know 🙂

        Bella is also good about not begging for human food. I never gave her table scraps because she was always on a very strict diet due to her allergies. I was feeding her the Ziwipeak, but have recently transitioned to a turkey and sweet potato diet. She also gets carrots and green beans for treats. I like to give her a small piece of organic scrambled egg when I make it as a snack. It’ really good for her so I don’t mind. I don’t know about Penny, but Bella is very picky about food.

        Bella and Penny are similar in age. What does Penny weigh now? I haven’t weighed Bella in months. Last time I weighed her she was 6.25lbs.

      • Mmmm…turkey and sweet potato…I think that Bella eats better than I do…! 🙂 We’re rather lucky because Penny is not picky about her food at all. Ever since she was a puppy she’d wolf down her kibble…so much so that we’d have to tell her to slow down. I used to sit by her and pet her back while she ate. Sometimes I’ll do that even now. She does eat her treats slower (carrots and lettuce) thank goodness.

        Penny is small for her breed and is just about 10 lbs even, but even that is heavy enough to give me the occasional shoulder or back ache when I’m carrying her around in her bag. One of the best things we’ve gotten is her doggie stroller which makes it really easy to go on longer shopping outings to the mall although her patience usually runs out after a couple hours. Funny that’s about the same time my patience runs out too. 😀

  3. Oh!! So smart to have a stroller!! I have one for Bella too and they are the best. Your lucky Penny sits in her bag as you carry her around. I bought Bella a bag but never used it. I will blog about Bella and her stroller so you can see how cute she looks. Have a great weekend!!

    • Hi Sun…! Yes the stroller is a real life (back) saver. We’ve carried Penny around in a bag since we first got her as a puppy, so she is accustomed to going places and being a good girl when she’s out in public in her bag. All we have to do is open it up and say “in” and she’ll walk right in and lie down…really cute when she does that. I’m sure Bella will get used to travelling around in her bag really quickly…then you could take her all over the place with you too. 😀

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