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Dogs love to play with things, and I have to say that when it comes to toys…Penny has more than her fair share.  In fact, she has so many that I don’t see how she keeps tabs on them all.  This is just a small sampling of some of her favorite toys.

At this point in time she probably has more than a dozen or so different things to play with, from assorted balls and plush toys, to the more practical “dental” chew ropes and treat dispensing balls.

Some people might say that having so many toys can lead to over stimulation, but she does a pretty good job of rotating through each one so that they all get an equal amount of “play time”.  She also seems to have a unique system for deciding which toy she will play with at any given time.

"'d my toys get way up there...?"


"Think I'll play with Lambie-kins today"

P O U N C E ! ! !

"I love Toys...!"

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  1. I put Bella’s toys in a toy box. I actually have to lay the box on it’s side so she can walk into it because she is so little. She will go through them and pick out what she wants to play with through-out the day. It looks like Penny’s toys are all pretty much in tact. Bella chews off every ear, arm, eyes and nose from all her toys. I recently started giving Bella deer antler for chewing. Filled with vitamins and minerals. Have you tried it?

    • A toy box…that’s next on our “to buy” list. I’m a bit ashamed to say, but our living room at time looks like a tornado hit it with doggie toys strewn all around the floor. The picture was actually taken before she really started playing with her toys in earnest. My wife always has to do emergency “sew-gery” on them to get them back into playable condition.

      We’ve never given Penny any deer antler or other animal by-products mainly because I’m concerned about the chance of her getting an intestinal blockage if we miss seeing her bite off and swallow a piece…also thinking about the animals parts that I’ve seen in some of the pet shops gives me the “willies”…pig ears and cow hooves and don’t even get me started on “bully sticks”. o.0

      • Haha… Believe me even with a box you will still be picking up the toys at the end of the night 🙂 It is just nice to have it all contained in one spot that she knows is hers. You will be beside yourself when you see her go into the box. It is the cutest thing. I had the same fear of the ‘animal parts’ as chews, but I only give Bella deer antler once in awhile and she loves it. Like you, everything else freaks me out too! It really occupies her time and it is alot healthier than any other toy or chew. Bella use to be all over me when I wanted to do my nails…one day I gave her the antler and she was so consumed with it that I couldn’t believe I got to do my nails in peace 🙂

      • What kind of toy box did you get…? Is it a commercially made one or did you DIY…? We’re hoping that we can train her to put her toys back in the box at the end of the night when she’s done playing (I know…wishful thinking, but you never know).

        We use one of Penny’s favorite toys the Kong “Air Dog” tennis ball (X-small size) to keep her occupied. It’s been one of her faves since she was a little puppy and even though she’s grown bigger, her fondness for it hasn’t waned one bit. She’s actually playing with one right now even as I type this. 😀

  2. Lainey’s mission is to destroy any and all toys lol. We finally found these rubber bouncy balls with feet that are pretty much indestructable to her lol.

    • Hi Jenn…!

      We also went the indestructible toy route, but I think Penny got a real sense of accomplishment and pleasure out of destroying her toys because when she only had “indestructible” toys to play with, we noticed she started to pull at the hair on the tip of her tail and would lick her hind paw a lot. We checked for all the signs of injury, allergy, etc, but she would still continue to do it.

      Whenever she would start to pull her tail or lick her paws, we would try and distract her with something. One day by accident, I came upon her bag of old “regular” toys that I had hidden from her in the closet and took out one of her favorites. She started throwing it around in the air happily so we brought out more and more of them and a few days later we noticed she wasn’t pulling at her tail or licking her paws anymore. We now have a mix of “destructible” and “indestructible” toys and she no longer exhibits her licking and biting behavoir. Go figure…! 😀

  3. well that is good she isnt doing it anymore ! I really dont mind lainey destroying some toys…its just when you get home or wake up and stuffing is EVERYWHERE lol . Not to mention she has claimed a few pairs of shoes. she only takes one out of a pair though… never destroys 2 from the same pair…dogs are weird…i think that is my hypothesis…who knows what’s going on in their heads. 🙂

    • That’s funny she only destroys one out of a pair…she must be trying to tell you that it’s a new fashion craze “mix and match” shoes. 😀

      We’re lucky that Penny never got into the habit of chewing up shoes or other things that much. When she was a puppy she really had a thing for pulling out the carpet especially from the edges so we had to block it all off with those carpet edgers so our interior definitely has a “neo-modern” look to it with all the metal and wood covering the carpet on all sides. Luckily for us she seems to have grown out of the habit. I’ve heard stories where some dogs have destroyed whole sections of carpet. :0

  4. Gracie has a ton of toys too but I keep them in her bed so she just comes and picks out which one to play with .. she’s a huge carpet chewed right now. I hope she grows out of it!

    • Hi Dp…! Penny was a carpet “puller” when she was a puppy until just recently. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that she’s finally grown out of the habit. That’s part of the reason she has so many toys to distract her and satisfy her urge to pull at thread like material. We’ve found that using a vinegar and water spray on the carpet or other things we don’t want Penny to bite works rather well. That coupled with covering all exposed edges of the carpet (Penny’s favorite area to start pulling) have helped.

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