Posted by: pennysplayground | August 14, 2010

Bath Time…!

Wherever we go people always comment on how white Penny is and ask if we give her a bath every week.  I must admit, when we decided to get a Bichon, we didn’t even think about what it meant to have a “white” dog and what it would take to keep her from becoming a “brown” dog.

Penny is actually the first pure white dog I have ever owned.  Where other dogs can go out in all types of weather, we can only take Penny out when the weather is fair lest she get all muddy.  Even when it’s dry out, the simple act of sniffing around on the ground will often result in her walking around looking like she just polished off a bag of Oreo cookies.

As a result, ever since she first came to live with us (exactly 1 year ago today), we’ve kept a strict regimen of vacuuming the carpet and wiping down the floors to help keep her nice and white.  But getting back to the original question, Penny usually gets a bath once every month either at home, or when she gets groomed.

Like most dogs, taking a bath isn’t one of her favorite pastimes, but she is slowly getting used to the idea and is smart enough to know that the more of a struggle she puts up, the longer the whole process will take.   So she usually will just endure it like a trooper.

"Don't forget to get my back..."

"A little bit lower daddy..."

"T..that's the spot..."

Luckily she is still small enough where we can wash her in our kitchen sink, but it definitely is a 2 person job.

"I think I still has soap behind my ears daddy..."

Some Bichons have sensitive skin and can develop allergies if they are not rinsed well, so we make sure to take extra care to see that we get all the soap off.  I can’t say that Penny likes the rinsing, but it does let her know that bath time is almost over.  Next she gets dried with a towel and then we will use a blow dryer and slicker to brush dry her.

"I've just washed my hair and can't do a thing with it..."

The end result after about 45 minutes is a white and fluffy Bichon.  It’s a good thing we only wash her at home every other month…it’s exhausting.  

Ta Daaaa...!

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  1. Gracie hates bath time… absolutely hates it. She wiggles and squirms and it is just a mess. Ive started to give her baths when I shower. She is always curious and I try to make it painless but I think she’s so girlie she doesn’t enjoy getting wet. Penny looks like a princess and she tolerates bathtime so well!

    • Just be patient with Gracie and don’t give up. If you reward her with treats she will slowly get used to bath time. Penny is really good about taking a bath now, but she always wasn’t like that. Through positive reinforcement we’ve even gotten her to the point where after our trips to the park we can wash her feet then dry them with the blow dryer and brush. It just takes a little repetition…keep at it. 😀

  2. So cute! I LOVE IT.

    • Thanks for visiting Sun…! How does bella take to baths…? I’ve been a bit busy with work lately so haven’t had a chance to post or visit many of my favorite blogs, but I will definitely make a point to stop by. Bella is so cute…!

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