Posted by: pennysplayground | August 8, 2010

Excuse me you have a little something…

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another.   You’re eating at a fancy restaurant, or on a special date, when it happens…the person opposite you starts looking at you strangely.

You continue to talk and you notice their eyes move and focus on the corner of your mouth.  This is usually followed by them subconsciously brushing the side of their face with their hand.  You continue on, oblivious to their intent, at which time they will tap their cheek with their index finger and say “um..” or “you have a little…something…” and then you realize that all this time you’ve been chatting away with a grain of rice or a piece of spinach stuck to the corner of your mouth or even worse on your teeth giving you that infamous “jack-o-lantern” grin.

Even though dogs don’t usually frequent fancy restaurants or go on “dates” per se, let’s just say that they aren’t immune to this embarrassing social faux pas either.

"Can I have a treat please daddy...?"

" I didn't have a carrot already..."


"I have w..what on my face...?"

"You're so funny daddy..."

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  1. Aww adorable. Was she eating a carrot?! Cute!!

    • Thanks for the comment DP. Yes we occasionally give Penny carrots as a treat…they are healthy, low calorie, and she loves them. It helps to vary her diet a little and make things more interesting than always getting doggy kibble.

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