Posted by: pennysplayground | July 24, 2010

New Dress

Summer is in full swing and what better excuse for Penny to show off her brand new summer dress than to get out and and go window shopping down at “Ward Warehouse”.

"Does this make me look fat...?"

Ward Warehouse is one of our favorite shopping malls because it is a nice, casual outdoor type mall that is dog friendly and as long as you are a conscientious owner and clean up after your pet, no one complains if you walk around with your dog on a leash or in a carry bag.

"So much to little time...!"

"Hurry daddy...we're shoppin...!"

In fact, it’s our “go to” alternate exercise area that we use in case it’s a rainy day and Penny needs to get some mental and physical stimulation.  Plus, with it’s nice mix of unique specialty shops and restaurants, it’s a lot of fun for us too.

Walking around, you will often meet and greet dogs of all shapes and sizes…and sometimes have the occasional surprise encounter.


? ? ?

"Woof...Woof...!" (Translation: Hey...nice dress...!)

"Thanks...! My name is Penny...nice to meet you...!"

And there’s always time and ample areas to sit down and take a quick “treat” break and enjoy all of the sights and sounds.


Little "Miss Nosy"

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  1. Awwww, she’s adorable in her dress. Doesn’t she get hot in her outfit? I love dressing up Gracie too.. but she is not old enough to be put on a leash and walked. The one time that I tried it, she whined and tugged and ran back towards the house. So I have to wait until she’s older to try again.

    • Hi DP…! Thanks for visiting. The mall is an indoor-outdoor mall with covered walkways so Penny doesn’t get hot when walking around. You just have to be patient and consistent when walking Gracie on a leash. Lots of encouragement and treats and she’ll be walking like a pro in no time. Penny was the same way when she was a baby.

      It’s better to start when they are young as she’ll get used to it faster. I remember the first time I put a leash on Penny to practice in the house she twirled around like a cross between a whirling dervish and a bucking bronco. I thought she’d never be able to walk outdoors on a leash, but she soon got the hang of it and now enjoys her daily walks. 😀

  2. Hi! Penny who wore pink dress is very very cute!!
    Nice girl! Is she a “little Miss Nosy”? o(^_^)o
    Does Penny have other dresses?

  3. Hi Sasachi…! Yes Penny is little Miss Nosy (or Niele in Hawaiian)…she is always very curious and looks around to see what is going on.

    Penny has 2 dresses that my wife made for her and she has about 4 different harnesses that you can see in one of my earlier posts. She is very fashionable…even more so than me I think. 😀

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