Posted by: pennysplayground | July 3, 2010

Real Genius

Another of Penny’s recently acquired toys is the “Canine Genius Mini Leo”.  Named after famous Italian inventor Leonardo Da Vinci, the Canine Genius is an interactive toy that encourages dogs to use their brain power, in addition to their chomping skills, in order to extract their favorite treats from inside the toy.   The Genius comes in multiple colors and can be inter-connected to increase the challenge for your dog.

This is a very durable product that is easily cleaned (just rinse with soap and water) and is one of the few toys that will keep Penny’s interest for long periods of time with or without any treats inside.

"Oooh...a new toy...!"

We can just put it down and she will alternate between carrying it around the house with the round end hanging out of her mouth and other times she will roll it around on the carpet with her paws.

It’s important for Penny to get both physical and mental exercise every day and the Genius is a great way for her to stimulate her chewing instincts and puzzle solving skills at the same time.

Mona Lisa Smile.

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  1. Hi! It’s great toy! Did you suggest giving Penny the Genius?

    • Hi Sasachi…! Yes I bought it for Penny because I thought she would have a lot of fun with it. It is one of her favorite toys. 😀

  2. hi, guys i am kuma’s mom!
    penny chan! thank u for play with kuma today!
    i tried to look for japanese penny playground web but unfortunately i couldn’t find it…
    well, here is my friends web, when ever u have time please check it out!
    http://www.secret_ _

  3. sorry, i have been having hard time…


    please try this!!! suppose to work!!!

    • Hi Yuki…! Thank you for visiting Penny’s Playground. Penny always has fun playing with Kuma. He is so cute and gentle. On the right side of the page you can find Penny’s Playground Japanese version in my blog roll list or by clicking on this link:

      Hope to see you and Kuma at the park again real soon…! 😀

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