Posted by: pennysplayground | June 14, 2010

New Stroller

B.P. (Before Penny), whenever I’d see someone pushing a dog in a stroller two things would always come to mind…1) Wow that’s some lucky dog, and 2) Why on earth would anyone have a dog ride around in a stroller.

After about 6 months of carrying Penny around in a shoulder bag everywhere we’d go, I’ve seen the error of my ways and we’ve broken open the piggy bank and purchased a really nice doggy stroller from What I like about Amazon is that you can sometimes get free shipping which really helps save a lot of money.

After much research we finally decided on the Pet Gear “Special Edition” Pet Stroller.  What’s great about this stroller is that it’s really sturdy, very maneuverable (can be pushed with just 1 finger), opens and folds up easily, has a handy basket and cup holders, and best of all…it looks more like a regular baby stroller rather than a dog stroller which makes it easier sometimes to shop around in the local malls that aren’t so pet friendly.

Penny is usually very good when it comes to riding around in her bag when we are out and about in public, so I was hopeful that she would be the same with her new stroller.  Just to be safe, we started out slowly, letting her just look at the assembled stroller and then I put her towel and one of her favorite toys inside so it would have some familiar scents.

Next it was time for the test drive.  I put her inside, zipped the front up and with treat bottle in hand, we took a few slow laps around the living room and then further extended our tour to cover both bedrooms with the occasional pit stop for a kibble treat reward.

All Aboard...!


After a few more laps around the house, she was a real pro and was so comfortable that she didn’t want to get out of the stroller when we were all done.  I think she came to think of the stroller as her own personal “treat train” and I guess if I got to ride in a comfy stroller with someone handing me my favorite treat every once in a while, I wouldn’t want to ever get out either.

Next up, we decided to see how she would do in a “real-world” situation so we went down to our local mall to have a late afternoon Starbucks and soft pretzel fix.  Mmmmm…Yummy…!

"Hey..what's that over there...?"

Penny sat quietly in her stroller and just checked out everything that was going on.  It’s amazing how nice people are when they think you have a little baby in your stroller, opening doors and smiling at you…they are even nicer when they realize that there is actually a four legged, button nosed little fluff-ball in there instead.


This Pet Gear stroller has proven to be such a great purchase and will enable us to be able to take Penny with us out shopping at the various malls…and I won’t have to worry about getting a hernia from carrying her around for hours in her shoulder bag anymore. 

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  1. I love finding restaurants like that. Lucky for Lainey and I there are a number of pet-friendly dining places around Apopka and Orlando. But she is still a bit on the hyper side…so we have not gone to many lol.

  2. woops meant that comment for the last post hehe. i love the “treat train” Too bad lainey is big and rambunctious lol 🙂

    • Hi Jenn…! I can just picture Lainey squooshed into a little stroller looking around at everything that’s going on. Cute…!

  3. You’re the first person I know that have bought a doggy stroller… so may I ask you why? I live in Finland and here people don’t carry their dogs at all. They have their own four paws they can use for walking. Even the tiniest chihuahuas walk on the ground. The idea of carrying, or pushing a dog around in a stroller, is totally bizarre to me. I’m not trying to ridicule the idea, I just would like to understand. Why these strollers have been invented and why people need them? And are they supposed to benefit the dog or the human?

    I’ve seen doggie strollers on sale here in Finland too, but I don’t think anyone has yet enough courage to use one in public. Dogs are strictly dogs here and any excessive public pampering get bad looks, including dressing up.

    That’s all about the strollers.

    I don’t remember where exactly I found your blog (I’ve been browsing through many dog blogs recently trying to find some nice ones to read), but so far I have liked what I have seen. Penny is really adorable and I really enjoy all these real life stories.

    • Hi Amoena…thank you for visiting our blog. People here get doggie strollers for many reasons. In our case, it’s because there are many places where we can’t normally take a dog on a leash like shopping malls or grocery store, but we can “sneak” in using a doggie stroller. When Penny was younger, we used to go shopping with her in a shoulder bag, but now that she’s 10 pounds, she’s a bit too heavy for me to carry around for long periods of time.

      I think it’s a cultural difference in how dogs are viewed in different parts of the world. Here in America, and also in Japan, there is a huge market for doggie clothes and doggie fashion apparel with everything on sale from doggie t-shirts and dresses to sunglasses (doggles) and walking shoes. I guess there are a lot of people who like to dress up their dogs. They even sell Halloween costumes and sleep wear for dogs online as well.

      Thanks again for your comment and for visiting Penny’s Playground. 😀


  4. Thank you for your answer. I can picture it better now. Dogs are not obviously allowed to go to the stores here either, but I think people are still more willing to leave their dogs at home than trying to sneak them in.

    But we get to dress the dogs too! When it’s winter and it’s seriously really really cold, then the smaller dogs can wear winter jackets without getting any bad looks : D

    • As much as possible we try to take Penny wherever we go. We’ve been doing this since she was a little puppy so it’s hard for us to just leave her home…plus it’s fun going out and doing things together as a family.

      Papu looks great in her rain overalls…you did a really good job sewing them. You could patent the design and sell it online. Very chic…! 😀

  5. Oh my goodness, how cute! I’m thinking of finding a pet-friendly purse to carry my shih tzu everywhere!

    that’s such a good idea! Love your blog.

  6. haha i can picture her big ears sticking out the top and moving around curiously as she watches everything… somehow i dont think my husband will approve of me putting her into a stroller lol. and I doubt she will be mistaken for a baby (which by the way is awesome that people do that with penny’s stroller)

  7. Jenn, seeing Lainey in a doggie stroller would definitely be a “Kodak” moment (is there such a thing anymore…maybe an Iphone moment…?).

    Penny is generally really quiet when we’re out in public, especially when she’s in her bag or stroller so it’s easy to pass her off as a human baby. 😀

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