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Recently, we had the pleasure of dining at “Town”, one of the few openly pet-friendly restaurants here on Oahu.  Tucked away off Waialae avenue in Kaimuki, it is easy to overlook this unassuming little eatery, but I was pleasantly surprised at the reasonable prices and delicious selections that they had to offer.  The best part is that you can eat together with your dog at their outdoor seating area, or indoors if your dog is in an enclosed bag.

Their organic menu changes daily (although they do have a few signature dishes that you can always order) and features locally grown vegetables.  The presentation is very simple yet with a delicate elegance which enhances each of the dishes.

Dinner started with a bread and olive butter spread.  I’m a big fan of warm bread with meals, and the olive butter was a nice variation.

For starters, my wife ordered the Ma’o organic lettuce salad which looked really good, but I decided to forego the green stuff and went with the home made Mozzarella and grilled flat bread appetizer instead which was excellent.  Once you eat freshly made mozzarella you won’t be able to eat store bought ever again.

Ma'o organic lettuce, pancetta, manchego, cherry tomatoes

Mozzarella, hau'ula tomatoes, basil, grilled flat bread

Everything smelled so good, it even got Penny’s attention who was sitting quietly in her bag.  Luckily we had taught her from an early age not to beg while we are eating so she was content with nibbling on the occasional kibble treats that I fed her as our meal progressed.

For our main dishes, my wife had the hand cut pasta with eggplant, green chile, and tomato.

"Did someone say Pasta...??"

I decided on the pan roasted organic chicken with torn bread, tatsoi, grapes, and pancetta.  When I eat meat or poultry I always have to have some kind of starch whether it’s rice or potatoes, but the combination of the chicken with the tatsoi (aka spinach mustard or rosette bok choy) was so good that I didn’t need anything else.

"Just a little taste won't hurt..."

For dessert (my favorite part of any meal), we couldn’t decide between the salted chocolate tartlet and the bittersweet chocolate and apple banana panino so we got both.

Salted chocolate tartlet

If memory serves, the salted chocolate tartlet had a graham cracker / pretzel crust with melted chocolate in the middle.  It was a great blend of salty and sweet.  Of the two choices, the chocolate and apple banana panino was definitely our favorite.  It sounds like a strange combination, but actually tasted awesome…sort of like a neo s’more with banana instead of marshmellow and toasted Molokai sweet bread instead of graham crackers.

"All your paninos are belong to me..."

All in all, it was a great dining experience, great food, great ambience, made even better by the fact that we could enjoy it as a family with Penny there right along with us.

If you are ever looking for a new restaurant to try, take a trip to “Town”…you won’t be disappointed.  

3435 Waialae Ave., #103
Honolulu, HI  96816
Tel: 808-735-5900
Lunch: 8:30 – 2:30 (Sun-Sat)
Dinner: 5:30-9:30 (Sun-Thu)
5:30 – 10:00 (Fri-Sat)

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  1. OMG… Penny looks so adorable in her little bag!!

    • Hi Sun…thanks…! That bag is the perfect size for quick trips when I don’t have to carry her for long periods. 10 lbs of furry Bichon can get a bit heavy after a while. Sherpa makes a lot of different carrying bags…a lot of them are very fashionable and would be the perfect size for Bella. 😀 You can find more of their carrier styles at their website: 😀

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