Posted by: pennysplayground | May 16, 2010

Birthday Girl…!

It’s amazing how fast time flies…it seems like it was only yesterday that we brought Penny home from the pet store.  Back then she was a tiny little fluff ball, weighing in at a mere 4 lbs.  She was so scared and lonely that first night away from her 2 brothers,  she whimpered and cried to be let out of her pen.  I know she would have liked nothing better than to crawl into bed with me, but I held firm…at least until the 2nd night when I broke down and let her out (yeah, I know..I’m a softy).

This first year with Penny has been filled with joy, discovery, new adventures, and a lot of fun.  Please allow a proud daddy a bit of indulgence as I share some of Penny’s early  puppy pictures with all of you on her very special day (the first 3 photos were taken with my cell phone).

Although she can be a bit naughty sometimes, I can’t think of a sweeter, cuter dog that I would want to share my life with than Penny; and when her mommy comes back from her trip to Japan this week, we will have a real birthday celebration together.

Happy Birthday Penny 

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  1. Happy Birthday, Penny! You look lovely — and very huggable — for the big day.

    • Thank you for the Birthday wishes Edie! Penny did get new toys for her special day, but I think the best birthday present she got was that her mommy came back from her trip to Japan after being gone for 10 days. 😀

  2. Happy Birthday, Penny! You look like you’re a sweet little thing! I bet your mama can’t wait to get her hands on you! (found you via the Hop!) xoxo

    • Thank you Macy…! You look like you’re a real sweetie too, and the apple of your mommy’s eye to boot. We’ve added your site to our blog roll so we can keep track of all your cute antics. 😀

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