Posted by: pennysplayground | May 2, 2010

The Surgery (Part 3)

The first few hours after returning from the pet hospital were relatively quiet.  Penny was still groggy from the anesthesia and pain pills, but the first thing she did when we got home was go to the puppy pad and urinate…a LOT.  I’ve read that this is not uncommon due to all the IV fluids that she received during surgery.

Now I’ve seen Penny urinate about a million times in the past 11 months that she’s been with us, but I can tell you that I was so happy to see that first sign of post-surgery “normalcy” that I was grinning like an idiot and praising her like she’d just done an Olympic style double back flip.

During the first day after her surgery all she did was lie in bed and rest.  She would occasionally get up to look around but would soon go back into bed to sleep.

I could tell that she was sore, but she toughed it out like a brave little soldier.  The only time that she cried from the pain was whenever she would have to have a bowel movement (aka “make doo doo”).  Even with the pain medication, she would still cry out every time her stomach muscles expanded after each exertion.  

To lessen the chance of post surgical nausea and vomiting, we fed her small portions of boiled rice (Okayu) mixed with a little bit of Gerber baby food (Chicken flavor) and her dog kibble that had been soaked in warm water to make it soft.  Ever since she was little, the one thing we’ve never had to worry about with Penny is being a finicky eater.

All of my pre-surgery worrying about Penny biting her incision turned out to be for naught.  Our vet at the Kapalama Pet Hospital, Dr. Koreyasu, utilizes a 3 layer closer procedure using absorbable sutures that dissolve on their own in a few weeks time.  The top layer of skin is closed with a hidden stitch, leaving a clean “seam” with nothing for the dog to bite.

If this procedure is available at your veterinary clinic I would highly recommend it.  It saved us days of worry and sleepless nights…plus Penny didn’t have to wear the traditional E-collar or “cone of shame” as it is often affectionately called.  We did have her wear her pajama just to keep the area clean, but we didn’t have to worry about her licking or biting at any stitches.

By the third day Penny was feeling more like her old self, and by the fifth day we were having a hard time keeping her from running around the house or jumping up on the couch.

They say that after a dog is spayed or neutered, the way they act and sometimes their personality changes a little bit.  I don’t know if that’s true in Penny’s case, but I do know that after her operation it seems that her separation anxiety has lessened, but she’s still  just as sassy as ever…of course that could just all be part of being a female Bichon.  

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  1. Aww that second to last picture just makes your heart melt. Glad that everything went well. Wish our vet had done those kind of suturing, so that there wouldnt have been any need for the collar on lainey 🙂 She did have some fun with that cone though, using it like a bulldozer and ramming us with it when she wanted something lol.

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