Posted by: pennysplayground | May 1, 2010

The Surgery (Part 2)

I’ve always been one of those people who likes (has) to plan things out.  In order to prepare for Penny’s post-surgery recuperation, I went online and gathered as much information as I could.

By modifying a design we saw on a website for cats, we made a “tube” type doggy pajama with velcro fastens on the back that would completely cover Penny’s stomach and prevent her from biting her incision while still allowing her to walk around and use the bathroom if needed.

We had her wear the pajama a few weeks before the surgery for short periods throughout the day so she could get comfortable with wearing it and not try to take it off.

We also took a rare trip out to Petco to look for a bed that she could sleep in during her recuperation period that would be soft yet not too difficult to get in or out of.  We found a really great bed “designed” by none other than the “Dog Whisperer”, Caesar Milan himself.  I don’t know whether he really designed it, but it had his name and picture on the tag.  This bed is very plush, yet holds it’s shape very well and does stand up to the occasional chewing binge.

After weeks of planning, the long awaited day finally arrived.  We dropped Penny off at the Kapalama Pet Hospital at 7:30 in the morning for a scheduled 9:00 surgery.  After that we tried to keep busy, but somehow even the simple things that my wife and I used to do together, like riding in the car or grocery shopping, seemed to be missing something (or more specifically…someone).  It’s funny how quickly a dog can become such an integral part of your everyday life without you even realizing it.

After what seemed like an eternity (but was actually only a few hours), we got the call that the the surgery had gone well and that we could pick Penny up.  When we got there she was awake but very groggy.  We paid for the surgery and all of the necessary medication (tranquilizer, antibiotics, pain relief pills), then headed home with our little baby.

To Be Continued…



  1. Wow, those doggy pajamas are cute…and functional. Lainey had the ol’ elizabethan cone on for 2 weeks because she would not leave her stitches alone. Ironically I think that is why her ears always stand up now. They used to be floppy, like in her puppy pictures in the first post, but when she had the cone on, she kept her ears up I guess because it was more comfortable. Then 2 weeks later when we took off the cone, they never go back down unless she is upset lol. Glad Penny is all better and recooperated. 🙂

    • Those pj’s were a big help and I was surprised she didn’t really mind wearing them. I knew that Penny would freak out if she wore the E-collar (we changed to the “step-in” type of harness because she didn’t like the over the head type) so the pajamas were definitely the way to go.

      That’s a cute story about Lainey’s ears. Maybe she saw herself in a mirror and thought “Hey, I look kinda cool with my ears up”. I always thought that when dog’s moved their ears it was more of a reflex action but I guess they do have more control over when and how they move them…kinda like when a human wiggles their ears. 😀

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