Posted by: pennysplayground | April 30, 2010

The Surgery (Part 1)

There comes a time in every young dog’s life where the big decision must be made whether they should be spayed or neutered.

"Whats spade mean daddy...?"

A lot of people choose to forego spaying or neutering for many different reasons.  Some plan to breed their dogs in the future, some want to keep their dog “intact”, and some may just be afraid of putting their dog through the risks of any type of surgery.

I have to admit that in the past I would have fallen into the latter category of “surgery-phobic” people.  Now that I am older, and hopefully wiser, I realize the importance of spaying your female puppy when they reach the appropriate age in order to help avoid future health problems and of course un-planned pregnancies.

"It's getting crowded in here..."

Once my wife and I decided to spay Penny, and the appointment was made with our vet, the “worry-wart” part of me kicked into high gear.  My concerns regarding spay surgery, while possibly exaggerated, were not unfounded.

When I was 14 or 15 years old we had a dog named “Tiny” who managed to chew off her stitches after the first couple of days, and had to be rushed to the vet to get the incision sewn back up.

Luckily, modern veterinary medicine has come a long way since then…so with my fears in check, and with the utmost confidence in Penny’s doctor…we prepared for the surgery.

To Be Continued…



  1. Wow, we do think alike! Hope Penny has a quick recovery! And while i think the second picture with all the mini-me’s of her is adorable , you made the right decision. The post about Olive came about because I knew we needed to take her in to get spayed, and we did take her in to meet the new vet a month ago, because she had a weird skin thing going on, but they wanted that cleared up first. Then just this week she starts meowing ALOT and cuddling alot… I didn’t know what she was doing since I have never had a pet going into heat. So now to make the appt as well 🙂

    • I never had a cat that went into heat since both my kitties were spayed before then, but I do know that Miaooo…Miaaooo sound of an overly amorous cat. Sort of like the effects of catnip x 100. 😀

      Penny actually was spayed back in January, but I’ve only gotten around to posting about the experience recently…so many topics…so little time.

  2. Haha, nothing wrong with that. The event we went to yesterday left us with sooo many different businesses and things to write about that we are spreading it out over the next week :). We meant to get Olive spayed BEFORE she went into heat, but oops…with school and work time got away from us. I don’t think there is tooo much harm in it since she is not around any intact males, but we are definitely getting it taken care of soon.

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