Posted by: pennysplayground | April 22, 2010

The Strange Case of the “Dancing Dog”

It was a day like any other day here in paradise.  The hot Hawaiian sun shone brightly as ripples of heat danced lightly across the gray and dusty sidewalk.  We had just returned with Penny from the groomer and were settling down in front of the T.V. for a half hour of higher education…the kind that only the History Channel could provide.

Just then, Penny, who had been sitting quietly on the carpet, rose up slowly on her hind legs and started waving her front paws at us in a definite beckoning motion like a modern day Bichon Mata Hari.

My wife and I stared at each other dumbfounded then turned back to look at Penny who still stood before us, paws flailing like two furry little Dutch windmills.

“Did you teach her that?”…”It wasn’t me!”, we both uttered simultaneously.  Stunned, we looked at Penny who was now sitting down and gazing at us innocently.

I began to think that maybe we had just imagined the whole thing.  There have been cases of mass delirium before…right?  “No one taught her”, I thought to myself, “and she can’t just learn something like that on her own…can she?”

Then as if on cue, Penny smiled and stood up again, front paws making a sort of “whoosh, whoosh” sound as she waved them happily in the air.

To this day, neither my wife nor I know how or where Penny learned this new “trick”.  Maybe she saw another dog do it at the park, or perhaps she picked it up while watching an episode of “The Dog Whisperer”.

Whatever the truth may be, the Strange Case of the Dancing Dog must for now at least, remain “Unsolved”.  <Place Dramatic Music Here>   “Pum Pum…Pummmmm”

To Be Continued...?



  1. haha you told that story very cleverly. I can just see this scene playing in my head. Too cute 🙂

    • Thanks…! I’ve always liked to write ever since I was little, so tried to have some fun with the post and do it sort of in an old time gumshoe detective style. I’m glad you liked it. 😀

      • You did it very well! I also write (aside from the blog, and in my dog’s and kitten’s points of view lol) and have been doing so since 6th grade. It is a good way to escape daily stressors for a little bit. Or with the blogs, highlight the funny things that happen 🙂

  2. こんばんは、ペニーちゃん、白くて綺麗ですね。 :-)

    • Hi Cheari…thank you for your kind comment. Because Penny is so white, people think we give her a bath all the time, but she actually only takes a bath once a month or so. It’s definitely a challenge to keep a white dog clean. 😀

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