Posted by: pennysplayground | April 20, 2010

A Walk In The Park

One of the highlights of our day is when, weather permitting, we take Penny to visit our neighborhood doggy park. There’s nothing quite like the joy of being outdoors, running across the grass…tongue hanging out…with the wind blowing in your face…oh, and Penny seems to like it a lot too. *wink*

Although it’s nothing fancy by most dog park standards…just a large fenced, grassy area, it’s a great place for doggies of all shapes and sizes to gather and socialize safely.

"Sniff, sniff...something smells good here."

Depending on her mood, Penny will sometimes join the other dogs for a quick game of chase or “sniff the spot”, and other times she’ll be “Little Miss Social” and sit down next to her favorite aunties to have her head petted or neck scratched.

No matter what she feels like doing, there’s never a shortage of doggies for Penny to play with.  Here’s a few of Penny’s “Doggy Park” pals at their candid cutest…!



"Pete & Pete's Daddy"





  1. Hi! It’s good that there’s “doggy park” in your neighborhood. Penny has many friends, and she looks happy.
    I think a lot of people seem to come with a dog on a holiday. Both the dogs and the people are healed, aren’t they?

    • Hi Sasachi…! Yes Penny has as many human friends as doggy friends at the park. No matter what kind of day I’ve had at work, when I’m at the park watching Penny play with the other dogs, I forget everything when I see how much fun she’s having. Do they have many dog parks in Japan where you live?

  2. I love that all of them are in such cute little outfits. Do the girls coordinate before meeting up? LOL In all seriousness, a good dog park really can be a great thing for both the dog and the owner. I love watching Lainey take off and run full speed and she KNOWS when we are getting close to the dog park in the car and starts trying to get out first as soon as we park. So I am pretty sure she likes it too. 🙂

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if all the girl doggies get together to plan what they will wear for the next park outing. Hmm..come to think of it I did see a bunch of them in a circle last time whispering about something. 😀

      There are a couple of the dogs that come to the park wearing little doggy dresses. Very cute…! Penny has a dress that my wife made for her, but I don’t think she would be caught dead wearing it outside. She’s more of a tom-boy at heart and would probably prefer to run around “paw-naturel” if she could.

      Going to the park really is great for both the four legged and two legged visitors. It’s almost like a stress free zone where everyone can just relax and get (re)acquainted.

  3. Maybe there is no doggy park in my town. But the person keeping a dog takes a walk in a big park in the neighborhood. But we cannot let go of dogs freely.

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