Posted by: pennysplayground | April 16, 2010

Doggy Bags

Ever since we first got Penny, we’ve tried to take her with us wherever we went. Unfortunately some places here in Hawaii aren’t as “Pet Friendly” as in other parts of the country so we’ve had to train Penny from an early age to sit quietly as we carry her around in a doggy bag.

Penny’s very first doggy bag was a Collections “Daba Doo” (that’s really the name) that we purchased from Petland.  It was a soft bag with attached shoulder strap, and a zippered opening at the top which made for easy loading and unloading.

Collections "Daba Doo"

This bag was great for a 4 – 6 lb puppy, but as Penny grew and started to hit the 8 lb+ mark, the bag (and my shoulders) definitely started to feel the strain.

After a bit of online research, we purchased our current dog carrier, the Sherpa “Sport Duffle”.  This doggy bag is my personal favorite.  It comes with front, back, and side mesh panels for ventilation, top and double sided entry, zippered side pockets, and both hand and adjustable shoulder straps.

Sherpa Sport Duffle

It provides the best mix of portability, comfort, and safety all rolled into one.  Best of all, it looks just like a regular gym bag which makes it easier to sneak into Costco or Sam’s Club…not that we would ever do that with Penny of course.  *cough*

The Sherpa Sport Duffle weighs just a tad more than the “Daba Doo”, but it is a lot sturdier and has more room to move around in.  It’s all you could ask for in a mid-sized dog carrier.  Penny gives the Sherpa Sport Duffle bag a resounding “2 Paws Up”…!

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