Posted by: pennysplayground | April 13, 2010

“Miss”ed Photogenic

Some dogs are just naturally photogenic.  Point a camera in their direction and they’ll flash a smile that would put Miss America to shame.

Penny, while extremely cute and personable, does not care to bask in the paparazzi limelight…and like a Hollywood celebrity, will try to avoid a camera at all cost.

"No Pictures Please..."

Because she isn’t one to sit still and “pose” for any length of time, it takes a lot of luck and split second timing to get any pictures of her that don’t have her eyes half closed or show just a blurry white blob.

My wife and I have taken literally hundreds of pictures of Penny, most of which we end up not keeping for one reason or another.  But every once in a while we’ll capture one of those extra cute “Kodak Moments”…like this one, to add to our growing family album.

"Say Cheeeesee...!"

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  1. Aloha. Does Penny avoid a camera?
    The dog named ‘Benkei’ which is in my parents’ house avoids a camera. It’s difficult to take a good photo. (^_^;
    Penny is loved by your family!
    The last photo, Penny is very good smile!

    • Hi Sasachi…! Yes Penny does avoid the camera so it’s hard to take pictures of her sometimes. She is always doing things that look so cute that we try to keep the camera handy. Mahalo for being a regular visitor to our blog. Penny says, “またあそうびにきてくだしゃいね” (“Come visit again…”) 😀

  2. I agree, that last pic is adorable. I like the one of her shaking as well. I always love when I catch my dog doing that in pictures. 🙂 Love the site

    • Thanks…doing this blog is just one of the joys of experiencing life with Penny and seeing things anew through her eyes (so to speak). 😀 I will be sure to point all of my friends to your wonderful site so that they can enjoy Lainey’s adventures too.

  3. Aww I appreciate it! It makes me happy to see others that love their dog just as much as I love mine! Pets can really be a part of the family if you let them!. Keep up the good work on your site, I will definitely send others your way as well.


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