Posted by: pennysplayground | April 5, 2010

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever (noun).  Boredom or restlessness that results from a lack of environmental stimulation, as from a prolonged stay in a sparsely populated region or a confined indoor area.   

We’ve all heard the stories where people get trapped in their homes by big winter snow storms and slowly go stir crazy trying to keep themselves entertained.   

Here in Hawaii we don’t have any snow storms, but we do have rain from time to time, which means when it rains we have to keep Penny indoors because Rain + a White Bichon = a very Brown and Muddy Bichon.   


Lately it’s been very rainy and we haven’t been able to take Penny out on her daily walk or usual trip to the park.  Normally missing 1 or even 2 days wouldn’t be a problem, but because of the rain Penny hasn’t been able to get out and exercise for nearly 4 days…!      


Not having an outlet to burn off her energy is bad enough, but the lack of mental stimulation causes Penny to get really bored and when that happens she usually ends up going around the house looking for something (usually naughty) to do.   

That may come as a big shock to Penny’s Doggy Park “aunties” who only get to see her cute, “angel” side, but yes, Penny can get a little naughty sometimes especially when she’s got cabin fever.   

Here’s Penny’s Top 5 list of “Favorite Things to Do When You Have Cabin Fever”:   

#5 - Chew The Puppy Pad

#4 - Make New Friends

#3 - Pretend You Can Fly

#2 - Play Hide & Seek

#1 - Sleep With Your Feet Up

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