Posted by: pennysplayground | April 1, 2010

Doggie Vocabulary

There are some people who think that dogs don’t really understand what is being said to them…that it’s actually the tone that we use that the dogs react to rather than the actual words that we say.

Gary Larson "What Dogs Hear"

Ask any dog lover and they’ll be able to give you proof positive that their dog not only understands what is being said to them, but that they actually have quite extensive vocabularies.  There even was a story about a border collie in Germany, named Rico, who could recognize the names of 200 different objects.

I don’t think Penny knows 200 words yet, but at just a little over 10 months old, she can distinguish between specific words like, “mommy”, “ice cube”, “carrot”, “hungry”, “dinner time”, and over 2 dozen others in both English and Japanese. 

Now we just have to get her to learn her “A, B, C’s”… 


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