Posted by: pennysplayground | March 30, 2010

Bichon Blitz

There is a special phenomenon that occurs in my home each and every day that all Bichon owners are intimately familiar with.  I am of course referring to the high speed, obstacle run otherwise known as the “Bichon Blitz”.

It starts out innocently enough…I might be sitting on the couch watching TV while Penny is lying on the carpet playing quietly with one of her toys.  Suddenly a look will come across her face and before I know it, she’s tearing around the house faster than greased lightning…!

What looks to the untrained eye like just a crazy dog running around in a haphazard frenzy is actually a blend of cheetah like speed and agility all wrapped up in a fluffy little 9 pound Bichon package.



 At times she runs so fast that all I see is a white blur streaking from one room to the other as she nimbly weaves between chairs and table legs.  During a typical “blitz”, Penny will run 5 – 10 laps around the house, with the occasional break to get a quick drink of water, before flopping down on the floor out of breath with her tongue hanging out.


It always amazes me that she never knocks anything over or hurts herself in the process.  In addition to her walks and trips to the park, her daily “Bichon Blitzes” are a good way for her to release a lot of her pent up excess energy which all adds up to one extra happy puppy.  

Smiley Girl...!

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