Posted by: pennysplayground | March 29, 2010

Nenne Time

Even the most energetic Bichon needs to take a break from their busy day every now and then and take a well deserved nap.

When Penny was younger, she would play, sleep, wake up, play, sleep some more, play, sleep, eat, sleep…then she’d wake up and start all over again the next morning.

Now that she is older, she sleeps less often, preferring to take shorter “cat naps” during the day in order to recharge her battery.  When night falls, she has an accurate inner clock that tells her when it’s time for her to go to her room and sleep if it starts to get late.

When it comes to “bed-etiquette” she is very well mannered.  She doesn’t hog the covers (even if it’s cold), and will usually sleep either in her crate, in her own bed, or on my pillow.

Often I find myself sitting quietly and watching Penny as she lies sleeping. 

In the midst of her dreams, her tiny paws will sometimes twitch and she will occasionally move her mouth and make soft barking noises as if she’s romping and playing with imaginary friends at the park.

Lying there with her eyes closed, she looks just like a little angel…wouldn’t you agree…?


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