Posted by: pennysplayground | March 21, 2010

~ Welcome ~

Welcome to Penny’s Playground…a blog site dedicated to my sometimes silly, sometimes sassy, and always loveable female Bichon Frise puppy.



  1. I read every blog after I replied to your note- I am in love with Penny and your stories- I am sending the link to your site to many of my friends! Our Bichons Blitz at 3 every day- Charlie is a bit lazy the rest of the day – he is 10 but it is like jet he gets up and away for about 10 minutes. Scally is getting him a bit more active!

    Thanks for your blog!

    • Thanks for your kind comment…! I enjoy writing about Penny and her many daily adventures. This is our first Bichon and we are both head over heels (paws?) in love with the breed and with her.

      When the time is right, we may even get a new baby brother or sister for Penny, and it will definitely be another Bichon. πŸ˜€

      Pleae feel free to subscribe to the blog as I will try and update it as often as my schedule allows.

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